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International Students Rules
2017-12-29 611
1) Study hard, fulfill their academic requirements earnestly; 2) Observe the rules and regulations set by the university; 3) Respect teachers and staff members of the university; 4) Respect and get...
General Academic Policy
2017-12-29 499
Academic Policy for international students makes reference to the Academic Policy for Undergraduates (Issuing on 20th, June, 2005) and Academic Policy for Postgraduates.
2017-12-29 910
Tongji University International Student Tuition Fee Student Status Education Language Remark Tuition Fee /Per year Undergraduate Sciences ...
Dormitory Regulations
2017-12-29 2145
The International Students Service Centers is located on three campuses of Tongji University independently. They are all facilitated with telephone sets, toilets, showers, air-conditioning, public kit...
2017-12-29 544
The foreign students must purchase a medical insurance plan for their study in China, in order to pay for the expense for possible accidental injury and medical treatments in hospitalization. Students...
Visa/Residence Permit Procedures
2017-12-29 1023
Applying for Entry Visa International students who are going to study in China should prepare admission letter, yellow sheet of JW201 or JW202 form, medical report and other documents, and apply for ...
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