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The application of Shanghai Municipal Government Scholarship

Dear students,

Welcome to Tongji, chasing your dreams.

In order to Recruit more and higher level international students to study the distinguishing feature of majors, to undertake the Educational Strategy of Shanghai, to build an excellent educational environment and to make Shanghai a bigger center for international students nationwide, Shanghai government has set a special fund, i.e. "Shanghai government scholarship for international students," as an action plan, which is conducted to accelerate the development of education in Shanghai for international students.

The following detailed rules formulated in accordance with the implementation of "Shanghai Municipal Government Scholarship for International Students".


I. Application period 

1st Feb. --- 31st Mar.


II. Scholarship Content 

i. Category-A Scholarship: For excellent prospective students applying for master or doctoral degree programs;

a) Scholarship Standard: Waiver of fees of tuition, accommodation, serious disease and accidental Injury Insurance;

b) Monthly living allowance: Master-degree candidate: RMB 3000/month Doctoral candidate: RMB3500/month.

Category-B Scholarship: For excellent prospective students applying for master, or doctoral degree programs.

a) Scholarship Standard: Waiver of fees for tuition, serious disease and accidental Injury Insurance, expenses of basic study materials;


III. Eligibility 

Category-A&B Scholarshipa) Applicants must be non-Chinese nationals in good health.b) Education background and age limit:- Applicants for doctoral degree studies must have master's degree and be under the age of 40;- Applicants for master degree studies must have bachelor's degree and be under the age of 35;- Applicants for undergraduate studies must have completed senior high school and be under the age of 25.c) Outstanding in academic study and daily performance.d) Not been awarded any other Chinese government scholarships at the time of application.


IV. Application Materials 

i. Fill in and submit the application form online first at  and , and then submit the printed version with the following materials.

ii. The Application Form (including application materials mentioned above) and registration fee (RMB 410)must be arrived at the International Student Office of Tongji University before the deadline.

iii. Two copies of the Shanghai Government Foreign Student Scholarship Application Form.

iv. Category-A&B Scholarship applicants should provide the following materials:

a) Original or notarized degree certificate. If the certificate is not in Chinese or English, the original notarized translated versions must be submitted.

* The certificate should be notarized by local Chinese Embassy or local Chinese Consulates (or foreign embassies or consulates in China).

Certificates of expected graduation issued by education in current academic institution (for applicants who will be graduating in the same year only). Degree certificate is required to be verified and notarized documents must be submitted at the registration.

b). Original or notarized academic transcripts. If the academic transcripts are not in Chinese or English, the original notarized translated document must be submitted.

* The transcript should be notarized by local Chinese Embassy or local Chinese Consulates (or foreign embassies or consulates in China).

c) Study plan in Chinese. Information such as basic personal information, education background, working experience, and interested research projects and research plan if were accepted as the doctoral student should be included. (Master: no less than 1000 words; Doctor: no less than 1500 words)

d) Published paper title, abstract and other certificates and material that can attest to academic achievement and research ability.

e) Applicants for Doctorate or Master Programs must provide two letters of recommendation in Chinese or English by professors or associate professors.

f) Complete materials should be sent to International Students Office of Tongji University, and "Application for Shanghai Government Scholarship" should be written on the envelop.

V. Application Evaluation 

i. Category-A&B Scholarship:

a) Applicants should submit the complete application materials mentioned above to the TONG JI International Student Office before the deadline . The International Student Office will confirm the validity of the application material and assess the candidates' suitability, and then the qualified application package will be transferred to the related schools or colleges for further evaluation.

b) The evaluation results will be reported back to the International Student Office on the fixed time.

c) The Tongji International Student Office will confirm the final name list and post it on the International Student Office homepage during soon. One week later, A notice of receipt of Scholarship will be sent to the recipients.ii.Face to face interview may be requested if it is necessary.

VI. Others

i. The University will submit the evaluation results including the name list and copies of the application material to the Shanghai Education Committee in one month after the annual review.

ii. Recipients of the scholarship should register at the university on time otherwise the scholarship will be withdrawn and the applicant will be considered to have automatically abandoned their studies.

iii. Scholarship recipient of A or B should participate in the Scholarship Annual assessment. International Student Office will perform a comprehensive review of scholarship recipient' academic records, learning attitude, performance, rewards or punishment received. Students who fail to meet the requirements will have their scholarship status suspended or cancelled.

VII. The final interpretation of this Detailed Rules for the Implementation is right to Tongji University International Student Scholarship Evaluation Committee.

VIII. Contact Information

Address: International Student Office, Rm.705 Zonghe Building Tongji University No.1239, Siping Road, Shanghai, P. R. China.Postcode: 200092


International Students Office of Tongji University

29th Jan. 2018



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