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2019 Tongji University International Student Ambassador Program

Introduction: The program aims to encourage Tongji international students to go to their native schools (alma mater, high schools or universities) to conduct overseas enrollment missions of Tongji University, and to promote Tongji University by telling your own story in as Tongji international students during the winter holiday.

1. Introduce the great achievements of China and Shanghai in the past 40 years of reform and opening up.
2. Publicize the achievements of Tongji's development, share Tongji campus culture, promote more than 110 years' glorious history and great spirit, introduce Tongji to students all over the world, improve the international influence of Tongji University, and attract more international students to apply to Tongji University.

3. Improve the communication, coordination and social practice ability of international students through this program.

Conditions of sign up:
1. International students of Tongji University;
2. good performance at school, and have certain organizational skills and strong presentation skills;

3. Student who has the plan to go back home during winter vacation and voluntarily using the vacation time to return to the alma mater to carry out the recruitment publicity work.

Mission Requirements:
1. Publicity activities can be carried out by individual or a group (from the same country);
2. Use winter vacation to return to the alma mater for the publicity activities and record the whole program by writing, taking pictures, and recording videos;
3. The activities need to be approved by the alma mater and shall not interfere with the normal teaching order of the alma mater;

4. Ensure personal safety during the activities.

Sign up:
From now on, you can download the application form from the website of International Students Office of Tongji University( )and fill it out and send it to the email to participate.

Application closed until 12: 00 January 10th,2019.

Selection and Training:
After the registration, International Students Office will first review the students’ publicity plan, and the results of the preliminary examination will be notified by telephone or email.

The international student who has passed the preliminary examination will be trained and given the publicity materials (including enrollment publicity videos, admission brochures, contact cards and so on) by the teachers of the International Students Office before the international students return to their countries, and teachers will also provide advices to the students during the activity.

Review and Rewards:
The international students who return to their countries shall take pictures and videos to record the process of the activities, write a text of feelings about the activities, and send it to the email before the February 28th, 2019.

After the spring semester, the International Students Office will organize international students to report the results, review their summaries and records and give awards and commendations to outstanding international students.

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January 2nd, 2019



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