Tongji University Campus Safety Guide for International Students



When you start to study in Tongji University, you will not only encounter students with diversified culture backgrounds and nationalities, but will also adjust to local customs and abide by Chinese laws and regulations as well as University’s regulations and disciplines. This safety guide offers you some reference cases and helpful tips on campus safety.

l 酒精/Alcohol


Case: In March, 2014, an overseas student in School of International Education of Hainan Medical University drove a motorcycle without plates after drinking alcohol, colliding with a taxi and causing one death.

安全提示/Safety Tips:


The Criminal Law of the People's Republic of China provides that the person or party held responsible for misconducts arising from alcohol abuse shall undertake relevant legal liabilities.

在校内/On campus:


Drinking in dormitory is forbidden. Do not make noise to disturb the neighbors after drunkenness. Once reported to the Police, students held responsible for incidents arising from above mentioned misconduct will be handled in a manner commensurate with the gravity of the offence by the Police and the University.


Limited alcohol consumption is advised.


If you drink with friends at parties, please take care of each other.

l 毒品/Drugs

案例: 2015年5月23日,我校一名留学生因涉嫌贩毒被公安机关刑事拘留,学校给予其开除学籍处分。

Case: On May 23rd, 2015, an international student in Tongji University was under criminal detention over alleged involvement with drug trafficking and was dismissed from the University afterwards.

安全提示/Safety Tips:


Illegal drugs stipulated by The Law of the People's Republic of China include opium, heroin, methamphetamine (ice), morphine, marijuana, cocaine and other controlled narcotics and psychotropic drugs which can cause true addiction. In China, smuggling, trafficking, transporting, producing dugs and providing venues for drug users are illegal. In serious cases , the responsibility for a crime will be prosecuted。

在学校/On campus:


No Drug trafficking, carrying or using is allowed. Once the aforementioned behavior is discovered, severe punishment will be meted out.


Please call 110 to report to the police when spotting any aforementioned behavior.


Protect yourselves from being tempted to take drugs at bars or other entertainment venues.

l 校园交通/On- campus traffic



With a large population and multi-vehicles, traffic accidents among pedestrians, non-motor vehicles and motor vehicles occur frequently on campus.

l 案例: 2015年5月13日,上海市杨浦区交警开展校园交通整治,没收无牌照大功率摩托车多辆,并且扣押无牌照大功率摩托车车主驾照。

Case: On May 13rd, 2015, Traffic Police Department of YangPu District, Shanghai, confiscated multiple high-power motorcycles without plates as well as the driver licenses of their owners in the traffic renovation.

安全提示/Safety Tips:


High-power motorcycles are forbidden on campus.


Please walk in a safe manner on campus. Do not play skateboards or ball games on the road. Avoid walking abreast in the middle of the road. Look out while riding bikes.


Students should purchase bicycles in lawful stores and preserve the invoices.


If your bicycle is stolen, please dial 65982404 immediately or report to the security department. If your lost bicycle is found on campus, please contact relevant staff members in the Security Department for help. Do not resort to violent methods like lock picking or lock breaking to retrieve it in case of unnecessary trouble from misunderstandings.


Be careful of the traffic when you are out. Recommended public transport: Metro Line 10 & 8. Bus 115, 123, 746, 843 and etc. Please take qualified taxies.

l个人安全行为和安全意识/Personal safety behavior and awareness

案例1、 2014年6月6日,上海XX大学一名孟加拉国留学生在宿舍上网,用QQ找卖家购买电脑,在网上付款后多天收不到所购买的电脑,向警方报案后才发现被诈骗,受骗金额RMB1200元;

Case1: On June 6th, 2014, a Bangladeshi student in Shanghai XX University purchased a computer online through Tencent QQ. He was found swindled out of 1200RMB when reporting the case to the police several days after the payment with no delivery.


Case 2: On November 10th, 2014, a PhD student in Shanghai XX University received a scam phone call professing his involvement in a major economic crime and asking him to transfer his deposit to an allegedly safe account. Out of fear, the student remitted the money via ATM upon request, only to be swindled out of 62000RMB.


Since it is likely to encounter larceny and phishing in our daily life, following are several safety tips in prevention of the misfortune:


Pay attention to safety behaviors. Close the door at hand when you are in dormitory and lock your valuables. Do not let strangers or the unfamiliar into your residence hall or room. (Note: Partial theft is committed by the acquaintance.)


Do not easily buy the words from online, telephone or texts on the alert of being taken in.

3. 外出时,注意保管好手机和钱包等贵重物品(如果放在包里,请将包背在前面);

Take good care of the cash, phone and valuables when you are out. (Carry your bag in the front if you keep your belongings there);

4. 网络购物应谨慎。尽量在正规的购物网站上购物,不贪图便宜。在涉及现金转帐问题时,一定要电话联系对方确认,如有疑惑,请向身边同学咨询或拨打校园求助电话65982404,发现损失及时报警110;

Shop online with caution. Try to purchase on the lawful shopping sites. Do not simply emphasize on cheap prices. Remember to confirm on the telephone with the seller when it comes to cash transfer. If in doubt, consult the schoolmates around or call campus hotline 65982404 for help. Call 110 immediately once you discover any loss.


Case 3: On March 5th, 2013, an international student in Tongji University was under criminal detention of Shanghai Police Station on charge of multiple thefts of laptops, cell phones, cameras and cash in the apartment. According to The Code of Punishment for Disciplinary Offence of International Students of Tongji University, the student was expulsed from the University.

安全提示/Safety Tips:


Stay self possessed in front of temptation. According to incomplete statistics, a majority of the larceny-theft on campus is committed by the internal members.


Mental-health problems from adaptation and other interpersonal issues


Case: In July, 2013, an African PhD candidate of Tongji University suddenly went agitated in the apartment, suspected as manic-depressive. He was later diagnosed with mental disease by Shanghai Mental Health Institution and had to quit his academic study here to return home for treatment.

友情提示/Safety Tips:


When you study aboard alone, different language, lifestyle, learning environment and culture shock may impose pressure to your psychological state and cause loneliness, depression and anxiety. Moreover, you may be susceptible to interpersonal conflicts and frictions in the interactions with schoolmates of diverse backgrounds, values, distinct personalities and habits. Therefore, here are some suggestions:


Take initiative to adapt to the new environment and participate in campus activities.


Stay in contact with your family, friends and fellow students. Friends are an important way to obtain support and security.


Ascertain the personalities, culture and customs of schoolfellows. Do not touch others’ privacy or religious taboos.


Respect others’ personal right and dignity. Please respect Chinese cultural customs.

人际交往中容易发生的安全问题Security issues in interpersonal relationships


Case: In 2015, two international students in two universities in Shanghai were threatened by their ex-boyfriends that their private photos and videos would be put online. The police stepped in for investigation afterwards.


Safety Tips: Please respect others’ personal right and dignity. Please respect manners and customs of different countries, particularly Chinese cultural customs. Be wary of fraud in a relationship.

1. 学生宿舍内不允许留宿他人;

No other person is allowed to lodge in or stay overnight in the dormitory

2. 自觉遵守《访客制度》并主动配合安保人员做好工作;

Please abide by Regulations for Visitors voluntarily and cooperate with the security staff.

l 校外打工/Off-campus employment/living



Regulations for International Students in China provides that international students shall not obtain employment or be engaged in business or any commercial activities during the study period in China, but can take part in the student employment program according to the university’s regulations.

Foreigners who work illegally shall be fined no less than 5000RMB and no more than 20000 RMB; under serious circumstances, the violators shall be detained for no less than 5 days but no more than 15 days, in addition, be fined from 5000RMB up to 20000 RMB.

安全提示/Safety Tips:


International students shall not obtain employment or be engaged in business or any commercial activities during the study period in China.


International students shall observe the Off-Campus Practical Training by Foreign Students of Tongji University during the off- campus internship.


International students who live off-compus shall complete registration procedures at the International Student Office and the local police station.


l 当你在校园内发生被盗、受伤、突发疾病、受辱等事件,请及时拨打报警电话110,也可以随时拨打校园求助电话65982404

Dial 110 promptly if you encounter theft, injury, sudden illness, insult and other emergencies on campus. You are also encouraged to call the campus hotline 65982404 at any time for help.

l 如果你感到情绪无法控制,忧郁,精神不济,可以尝试预约同济大学心理咨询中心寻求咨询帮助。预约电话:65983723,65988530

If you feel emotionally uncontrollable, depressed and mentally exhausted, please make an appointment with Tongji University Counseling Center for aid. Appointment phone :65983723, 65988530

l 对外热线“962288”,为外籍人士提供24小时多语种公益服务热线。

International students’ hotline “962288” offers public service for foreigners with multi-languages around the clock.