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 Buddy Program


What is Buddy Program? 1_meitu_9


Buddy Program帮助你需找一对一的异国小伙伴。共同举办国际化活动,给每一个寻觅的你认识另一个世界的机会。


Buddy Program, focusing on bringing world students togeter, with the form o matching one Chinese an one foreign student together as BUDDY, through various activities, encourages more communication and connection among students in Tongji.



Buddy or NO, life change greatly




After sending in your application form, the student union will match every student with a buddy based on the certain criteria such as personal interests and character written on your application form. You'll receive the matching information within one week.






A glance at the fancy events waiting for you!




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After the pair of buddies, we will provide you with a serious of activities to promote you friendship. You are sincerely invited to attend these activities such as weekly tour in Shanghai, the Halloween party, the ICTJ, International soccer gane, the award show for top 10 buddies, Model united nations and so on.

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How to take part in Buddy Program?

如何报名参加我们的buddy program呢?

-邮箱报名:发送邮件至 记得附上一张你的照片哦。

send email to the email address above.