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Tongji University Master Student Enrollment Guide for International Students in the Autumn of 2023

This is the enrollment brochure for majors taught in Chinese. Please check the enrollment guide for majors taught in English(

Beside the Chinese and English version, you can also find Arabic, German, French,Russian, Korean, Japanese version at the bottom of each program's webpage.

I. Majors taught in Chinese

Please click to view: Tongji University Master Degree Candidate Enrollment Directory for International Student (Chinese taught)

II. Eligible Applicants

1. Non-Chinese citizens in good health;

2. Applicants for a master’s program in China must have a bachelor’s degree. Scholarship students must be 35 or under and self-supporting students must be 45 or under.

III. Application Time

Application period for self-supporting students: November 10, 2022 to April 20, 2023

Application period for scholarship students: November 10, 2022 to February 15, 2023

IV. Application Materials

Note: You need to upload the electronic application materials in the application system. After admission, please bring the original paper application materials for verification when you report to the university. If you fail to submit the materials or they do not meet requirements, you will be rejected.

1. Personal information page of your passport (with at least 6 months’ validity);

2. Bachelor's graduation certificate and degree certificate;

For a certificate in a language other than Chinese and English, the original notarized copy of the Chinese or English translation must be provided. The notarized copy must be issued by a Chinese embassy or consulate abroad, or a foreign embassy or consulate in China;

The original graduation certificate issued by the school of a new graduate needs to be provided. Upon admission, you need to bring the original graduation certificate for verification during registration;

3. Original or notarized transcripts of all courses in the bachelor's degree.

For a transcript in a language other than Chinese and English, the original notarized copy of the Chinese or English translation must be provided. The notarized copy must be issued by a Chinese embassy or consulate abroad, or a foreign embassy or consulate in China;

4. Proof of language proficiency;

Certificate of HSK Level 5 (total score ≥ 180) or above
(If your bachelor's degree study was taught in Chinese, the certificate of teaching in Chinese is required and the HSK certificate is not required.)

※For a major in Chinese international education, new HSK Level 5 (total score ≥ 210) and HSKK (intermediate) certificate with 60 points or above are required.

5. Personal statement;

Please write the introduction according to the personal statement template in the teaching language of the professional program (for example, the statement for a program taught in Chinese should be written in Chinese, and the statement for a program taught in English should be written in English).

6. Two letters of recommendation;

Original letters of recommendation from two associate professors or scholars with corresponding titles or above (the contact information of the recommender must be given).

7. Physical examination form for foreigners (within six months) or a current valid Chinese visa.

8. Certificate of payment of registration fee;

When remitting through an offline bank or online bank, you need to submit a photo of the remittance voucher or a screenshot of online remittance.

This is not required for remittance through the online application system. Payment can be made in the system upon submission of the application.

Applicants who have not paid the registration fee will not be considered.

9. Other application materials.

Examples include acceptance letter for international student, award certificates, and admission notices of other universities.

10. Supplementary materials for postgraduate students of the College of Design and Innovation (only required for applicants who apply for relevant programs of the College of Design and Innovation)

Work portfolio or related achievements: limited to 20 pages, and each item must be marked with the time of creation, instructor, and owner of the work.

As the size of file uploads is limited, the applicant should fill in the relevant information according to the template of Supplementary Materials for College of Design and Innovation and upload the file to the “Supplementary Materials” column of the online application system.

We may require applicants to provide additional materials if necessary.

All application materials must be uploaded when applying online, and materials without corresponding items should be uploaded to the “Supplementary Materials” column.

V. Application Procedure

Online application

Please log in to Tongji University Online Registration System (, register and complete the online application, and upload the application materials. The online application fee is RMB600, which is non-refundable.

Note: Please do not mail or email the application materials as they will not be accepted.

Payment method:

1. Online payment in the online application system;

2. For an offline bank or online bank remittance, the remittance voucher needs to be uploaded in the application system.

Bank Account:

For Accounts in China:

Beneficiary: Tongji University (同济大学)

Beneficiary Bank Account No.: 033267-00812000848

Beneficiary Bank: Shanghai Xiangyin Sub-branch of   Agricultural Bank of China

Bank Number: 103290035039

Address: No.1128 Xiangyin Road, Yangpu District,   Shanghai

For accounts overseas:

Beneficiary: TongJi University

Beneficiary Bank: Bank of China, Shanghai Branch   Yangpu Sub-branch

Address: No.83 Chifeng Road, Shanghai, 200092, P.R.China

Beneficiary Bank Account No.: 433859245525


VI. Tuition (RMB)

Student category


Teaching language


Master’s degree

Liberal arts



Science and engineering


Architecture, medicine,   art


Please check the major catalog for tuition fees. Tuition, accidental injury and hospitalization insurance premiums (RMB800 /year) should be paid during registration at the school.

VII. Admission Process

1. Tongji University adopts a material review system for admission and organizes written examinations or interviews for each college. We perform evaluations according to the overall capabilities of the students and select the best candidates for admission.

2. After submitting the application, the applicant must regularly check the information and application status in the application system and complete each step strictly as prompted. If the follow-up process is delayed due to failure to check a notification in time, the applicant is responsible for the delay.

3. Please pay attention to your application status in the application system. If you are admitted, your application status will change to admitted. The admission notification and related materials will be sent after two weeks.

4. You can visit the “Orientation” column of the school website for admission instructions.

VIII. Scholarship

(1) Chinese Government Scholarship

1. Bilateral Program

The Ministry of Education of China provides full or partial scholarships in accordance with educational cooperation and exchange agreements or MOUs signed with relevant governments, institutions, schools, and international organizations. The application time of each country is different (generally between November and March). Please consult the Chinese embassy (consulate) abroad and relevant departments. The admission documents will be issued to the applicant by the scholarship accepting institution (relevant domestic departments and Chinese embassies (consulates) abroad).

Please visit the website of China Scholarship Council ( to learn more.

2. College Independent Enrollment Project

This is provided by the Ministry of Education of China and is used by China's high-level universities to independently enroll international master and doctoral students.

Visit the following website to learn more:

Chinese Government Scholarship - High-Level Postgraduate Program:

(2) Shanghai Municipal Government Scholarship:

Established by the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, this is a subsidy for outstanding foreign students to receive higher education in Shanghai universities.

Visit the following website to learn more:

Shanghai Municipal Government Scholarship 

Scholarship application result: This can be queried through the online application system of Tongji University for international students ( or the "Notice" column on the website of Tongji University International Student Office (

IX. Other Information

1. Accepted candidates must go to a Chinese embassy (consulate) abroad to apply for a study visa, with their passport, Tongji University Admission Notice, and the Visa Application Form for Foreign Students Studying in China (JW202). The candidates must take the above-mentioned materials and go to Tongji University to apply for admission at the time specified in the notice, and apply for a residence certificate in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Exit-Entry Administration Bureau of Shanghai Public Security Bureau.

2. Only students who pass all examinations of their degree course in the first academic year of their master's degree can obtain the qualification for preparing papers. Those who fail three courses of the degree course examinations will be expelled.

3. Accommodation: If you need to book an on-campus dormitory, please call 008621-65983001 (international student dormitory of Tongji University). If the school dormitory is full, you will need to arrange your own accommodation. Students receiving full scholarships will be accommodated by the school and do not need to make a reservation.

Dormitory information:

X. Contact Information

Tongji University International Student Office  

Address: Room 705, Comprehensive Building, No.1239 Siping Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai, P.R. China Postal code: 200092

Enrollment consultation

Teacher in charge of the postgraduate program: Wang Ximeng Tel.: 021-65988388

Hotline: 021-65983611

The above information may change and shall be interpreted by the Tongji University International Student Office. Please check for updates on the website of Tongji University International Student Office.

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