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International Doctoral Program in Philosophy

Program Title: International Doctoral Program in Philosophy

Major Code:010100

Program Duration: The duration of the doctoral program is normally 4 years at minimum and up to 7 years at maximum.

Tuition Fees: 30,000 CNY/ Year (It is possible for those candidates under the age of 35 to apply a scholarship to cover the tuition fee.)


The program is for the students of non-Chinese nationality (Chinese nationality including Taiwan, Hongkong and Macau) who have acquired a master’s degree in the English-speaking or German-speaking countries, up to 40 years old. The program aims at the education of PhD students with transcultural backgrounds, academic expertise in German philosophy, and the ability of comparative cultural studies. The working language is English or German (some public lectures are taught in English or Mandarin). The students are expected to be able to read literatures in English, German, and Mandarin, and to conduct international academic exchange in both English and Mandarin.

Application Eligibility:

1.The applicants must hold a master’s degree granted by recognized institutes, or relevant materials to indicate the equivalent level of education;

2. The applicant must have received education both under-graduate and graduate, and had good results.

3. The applicant must have mastery on English language (not applicable to English native speakers), indicated by relevant documents such as TOEFL or IELTS transcripts (no less than 80/120 for TOEFL or 6/9 for IELTS).

Application Materials:

1. Certificate of Master’s degree. The applicant must hold a certificate equivalent to a master’s degree in China, received from internationally recognized institutes.

2. Transcript. The applicant must submit a transcript that indicates his or her results of study at every stage of education. If the transcript does not indicate the granting of degree, the applicant must submit relevant documents to support his or her application. The original copy of the transcript must be submitted, and in addition, a copy of transcript translated into English by the university or the government (if the original language is English, the translation is not required). The transcript must have the official stamp of the university.

3. The documents indicating the mastery of English language. The applicant can choose either TOEFL or IELTS. The test must be taken within the last 2 years.

4. Personal Statement. In the personal statement, the applicant can state his or her research interests, objectives, and approaches, and state the rationales for choosing Tongji University over other institutes. Also, the applicant is expected to state his or her personal background, including research experience, field of research, received honors, and international exchange experiences.

5. Reference Letter. The applicant must submit at least two reference letters, written by professors or the equivalent. The recommenders are expected to state their evaluation of the applicant, including his or her level of knowledge in the field of research, ability to carry out the proposed research, and his or her character related to research.

* Tongji University may ask the applicant to submit additional supporting documents. The application fee will not be refunded.

Academic Requirements:


Students should earn no less than 18 credits, including 4 credits for common courses, 4 credits for major courses, 2 credits for non-major courses, and 8 credits for compulsory coursesd 8 credits for the compulsory courses (including 1 credit for dissertation topic selection, 1 credit for the graduate students' academic behavior norms, 2 credits for

The Tongji advanced lectures,3 credits for the mid-term assessment and 1 credit for academic reporting conference on the phase achievement of the dissertation.)


Graduate students should complete their dissertations independently under the supervision of their tutors. In principle, theses the dissertation should be written in Chinese, but overseas students may write in English or other languages approved in advance by the Degree Evaluation Subcommittee and Graduate School, but they must attach to their dissertations detailed Chinese abstracts.

1) Dissertation Topic Selection:

Dissertation Topic Selection: The discussion of the Ph.D. dissertation topic selection should be organized by each discipline according to the time required by the university. In the course of the research, if there are significant changes in the thesis topic , the topic selection meeting shall be reorganized. If students fail to pass the first report, another topic selection meeting will be held 6 months later.

2)Mid-term Comprehensive Review

Mid-term comprehensive assessment: The mid-term comprehensive assessment of doctoral students should be organized by each discipline. Examination results will be recorded in the management information system according to each college in the form of grades. The proportion for excellence, fairly good is less than 40%, respectively; while the proportion for pass or fail is no less than 20%. Those who fail to pass the mid-term comprehensive assessment for the first time may apply for re-assessment six months later.


The pre-examination will take place in the seventh semester of the program.The dissertation drafts will be graded and sorted into two categories: accepted or subject to revision.The candidate whose draft is subject to revision must take the pre-examination again within 3 months.Should he/she fail again,she would not be permitted to proceed to the Plagiarism Check and the Oral Examination,and her study would be terminated,or re-matriculated as master student (in the cases of the candidate of a master-doctoral successive program). The blind trial of the dissertation can only be carried out after the pre-defense is passed.

4)Blind trial

Blind trial: it should be conducted in accordance with the relevant provisions of the university and its colleges.

5) Oral Examination

Oral defense: For the review, organization, approval and process of the doctoral dissertation, as well as the provision of advanced and deferred oral defense, please refer to the Regulations on the Training of Full-time Professional Master Graduate Students of Tongji University.

Research Papers

1、 general rule

(1) In order to encourage the academic research of doctoral students, this rule is established according to the related requirements of the school.

(2) Adhering to the principles of academic freedom and disciplinary characteristic, the publication will be assessed by both quality and quantity. Sheer quantitive administration should be avoided.

(3) During the program (from matriculation to application for degree), the candidate should have at least two publications in CSSCI journals (including the journals in the expanded list), or Class A/B journals recognized by the university, or in the following substitutes (see 2).

2、 Publication Calculation

(1)CSSCI journals (including the ones in the expanded list); theoretical pages in widely received newspapers.

(2)Journals of literary creation ((22 magazines prescribed by the college).

(3)Collections of international conference papers and Collections of academic papers published overseas

(4)Monography (including literary creations): every 50,000 words count as a CSSCI paper.

(5)Textbooks, editing books, translations, editing and commenting ancient books: every 100,000 words count as a CSSCI paper.

(6)Works of art or design presented in significant exhibitions, domestic or overseas, or those receive awards of importance, count as CSSCI papers as appropriate.

(7)Oversea journals published in foreign language.

(8)Publication is not required, if the candidate’s thesis is graded A by the external reviewers and the examination committee.

3、 The unspecified matters should be carried out with reference to “The Provisions of Publishing Thesis by Doctor and Master Candidates for Application of Academic Degree of Tongji University”.

Main Courses

Issuse in Current Philosophy、Phenomenology of Art、Introduction to Comparative Culture、Continental modern Philosophy、Selected Readings in Chinese Ancient Canons、Selected Readings of Masterpieces of Aesthetics


The Doctor of Philosophy degree is awarded upon successful completion of the academic requirements described above.

Contact Information:

1.School of Humanities

Ms. Shen Jiajia(

Tel: 0086-21-65981282( consult in Chinese or English possible)

Yuntong Building (Yuntong Lou)

Nr. 50 Chifeng Lu

Zip code: 200092

For application inquiries, please consult via Office Telephone to:

After submitting the application online, please send your application dossier (electric version) to

2.International Student Office

Address: International Student Office Rm.705 Zhonghe Building No.1239 Siping Road, Shanghai P.R. China

Zip code: 200092 Tel021-65983611




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