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The International Student Office is located on the main campus (Siping Road campus). It is directly under the leadership of the university authorities and is responsible for the enrollment, registration, and administration of all the international students.
Director:Yu yu        tonyu402@tongji.edu.cn       Tel:021-65980508
Deputy director:Lin Delong     lindelong@tongji.edu.cn         Tel:021-65980788

It is responsible for enrollment consulting and admission management of all international students, program and course development, etc.


Wang Yan:wangyan3315@tongji.edu.cn   Tel:021-65983611

Shanghai Municipal Government Scholarship Program,Chinese Government Scholarship Program

Fang Xiaozhi:fangxiaozhi@tongji.edu.cn        Tel:021-65980380

Exchange Program
Wang Ximeng: wangximeng@tongji.edu.cn            Tel:021-65988388   Tel: 021-65983093

Self-support program, Chinese Government Scholarship Program

Academic Affairs
It is responsible for academic affairs; diploma issued; scholarship evaluation
Ye Yongbang: iso-benke@tongji.edu.cn         Tel:021-65986049 
undergraduate students’ affairs
Ye Dan:isotju@tongji.edu.cn       Tel:021-65981930 
graduate students' affairs

Students Life and Support
It is responsible for international students visa issues , student union organization, logistical support, etc.
Xu Minjie:xuminjie@tongji.edu.cn          Tel:021-65983616 
tuition ;Insurance and medical card issued

Zhanghongli: hongli@tongji.edu.cn                           Tel: 021-65983093

visa issue, internship, job affairs
Wu Shucheng:wushucheng@tongji.edu.cn    Tel:021-65981965
International Students Activities
Fang Xiaozhi:fangxiaozhi@tongji.edu.cn        Tel:021-65980380 
International Students Activities; Website & Wechat Platform

Liu shulin: liushulin@tongji.edu.cn                   Tel:021-65983012           

International student instructor


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