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FAQs for International Students Application


Questions about Applying Online

Q: How can I apply for Tongji University? (Application qualification, materials and procedure)

A: Please refer to for the details of our programs.


Q: How can I pay the application fee?

A: We have three payment options:

l Pay Online:

After downloading the application form, you can click the “application fee” button and finish your payment.

l Bank transfer:

Bank account information:

Beneficiary: Tongji University

Beneficiary Bank Account No.: 433859245525

Beneficiary Bank: Bank of China, Shanghai Branch, Yangpu sub-branch

l You can also pay the application fee when you submit your materials at our office.


Q: How can I obtain pre-admission certificate?

A: Tongji University does not provide pre-admission certificate.


Q: What is the requirement for graduation certificate, transcripts and notarized files?

A: If your graduation certificate and transcript are in Chinese or English, please submit the photocopy of your graduation certificate and the original transcript. If not, the ORIGINAL notarized files of the translated versions must be submitted to the office. The files should be notarized by your local Chinese Embassy or Consulates (or foreign Embassy or Consulates in China).


Q: When and how can I know the admission result?

A: Please keep up with your application process status in the online application system. Once you are admitted, your admission status will be changed. The admission notice letter will be sent in two weeks after admission.


Q: Do I still need to submit hard copies after applying online?

A: Application documents  are no longer required to be delivered to our office. Please upload all the application materials in Tongji Portal according to our newest entry requirements. Check this link (


Q: What is Tongji University’s agency number?

A: 10247


Q: I am a student in an international school and also have my IB score. Can I apply for Tongji University?

A: The graduation certificate and transcript from your high school are needed no matter you have IB score or not. Your IB transcript can be submitted to the office as supporting material.


Q: Can I pay the application fee in dollar?

A: Yes. But you need to exchange your dollars to RMB600 according to the exchange rate of the day and then make the transfer.


Q: I have already paid the application fee, but my online application status still shows “application fee to be paid”. What should I do?

A: If you have paid the application fee, please attach your receipt (or screenshot) to your application materials and send all the files to our office.


Q: Do you have requirement on personal art works (like subjects and themes)?

A: We don’t have restrictions on the art work.


Questions about scholarships

Q: How can I apply for scholarships?

A: Please refer to


Q: Can undergraduate students apply for scholarships?

A: Undergraduate students can apply for Shanghai Government Scholarship through our university. And if the students want to apply for Chinese Government Scholarship, they should apply for it through Chinese Embassy in their respective countries.


Q: Where will the name list of scholarships recipients be posted?

A: Please keep up with our website. The name list will be updated there.


Q: Which kind of scholarship can cover a one-year Chinese learning program?

A: You can apply for Chinese Government Scholarship, which will cover a one-year Chinese learning program. Shanghai Government Scholarship does not include Chinese-learning programs and requires its applicants to directly study in the applied major.


Q: Do you set age limitation on scholarship applications?

A: For Chinese Government Scholarship:

Applicants applying for a master program should be no more than 35 years old. For doctor program, the age limitation is 40.

For Shanghai Government Scholarship:

Applicants applying for a bachelor program should be no more than 25 years old. For a master program, the age limitation is 35; for a doctor program is 40.


Q: I have applied for Shanghai Government Scholarship online and can I remove this application and do it again?

A: Please contact our office and we can remove your application in back-office system so you can amend or resubmit your application.


Q: If I fail in the scholarship application, will the university admit me as a self-financed student?

A: If there is no scholarship for applicants, we will contact them to ask about their willingness about being admitted as self-financed students.


Q: I am already in China now. Which scholarship do you recommend me to apply for?

A: We recommend Shanghai Government Scholarship. If you have graduated, you can only apply for Chinese Government Scholarship one year after your graduation.


Other questions


Q: I am already a freshman student in another university in China and CSC allows me to change my university. I want to transfer to Tongji. Will I be accepted?

A: We do not accept transfer student. You need to apply for our university first.


Q: Where can I get information about visa:

A: Please refer to



Q: Where can I get some help about my major and curriculum?

A: Please refer to



Q: What are the English-taught programs of Tongji University?

A: Please refer to


Q: How to apply for the campus accommodation?

A: Please refer to




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