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Admission Counseling Contact Info

The International School

Confucius Institute Scholarship Program:

Liu Dandong: dandong565@tongji.edu.cn

Master of Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages (MTCSOL):

Yao Weijia: yedda_83@163.com

Chinese Language Undergraduate Program

& Non-degree Chinese program:

Lu Xin: luxinralph@tongji.edu.cn

Summer School Chinese Program:

Wang Liyong: 2008wangliyong@tongji.edu.cn

College of Economics and Management

International Students Exchange Program(Non-degree/Degree/Self-support):

Lu Yiru: luisalu@tongji.edu.cn

International Students Degree Programs(Undergraduate/Graduate/Doctoral):

Chen Lisha: tjsem_upec@163.com

IMBA Degree Program:

Hu Suhan:shhu@tongjimba.com

EMBA Degree Program:

Luo Shiyun: 14666051@tongji.edu.cn

College of Architecture and Urban Planning


Tongji-UNSW Dual Bachelor Degree Program:


College of Design and Innovation

Yang man: yang.man@tongji.edu.cn

College of Arts and Media

Wang Jianmin: wangjianmin@tongji.edu.cn

College of Civil Engineering

Xu Xin: xuxin@tongji.edu.cn

School of of Automotive Studies


Institute of Railway and Urban Mass Transit

Wu Shang: wushang@tongji.edu.cn

 College of Transportation Engineering

 Wan Xiaohua: wanxiaohua0309@163.com

UN Environment-Tongji Institute of Environment for Sustainable Development


College of Material Science and Engineering

Guan Wenjia: guanwenjia@tongji.edu.cn

College of Electronics and Information Engineering


College of Software Engineering

Li Meihui: adimus@tongji.edu.cn;

Yang Xiaowen: fionyang@tongji.edu.cn

School of Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics

Shen Yiou: syoeva@tongji.edu.cn

College of Ocean and Earth Science

Shen Xixi: xixi-shen@tongji.edu.cn

School of Foreign Languages

Shi Xiaoyang:sophiaxy@tongji.edu.cn

Law School

Zeng Caixia: jenniferlaobo@163.com

School of Political Science& International Relations

Zhang Chao: zhch1029@aliyun.com

School of Medicine


Cao Jinfeng:cao.jinfeng2163.com;

Undergraduate(MBBS English-taught)Programs:

Program Counseling: Yang Zixiu:serenayanghappy@163.com,

Admission Counseling: Rong Yin: taki20@tongji.edu.cn;

Graduate Counseling: Qian Shulei:yxy.yjs@163.com

School of Stomatology

Zhou Yue:122122371@qq.com

School of Life Science and Technology

Hao Meng:haomeng@tongji.edu.cn

Sino-German College of Applied Science

Li Jingjing: lijingjing@tongji.edu.cn

Sino-German College

Liu Xin: liuxin@tongji.edu.cn



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