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Dormitory Regulations

The International Students Service Centers is located on three campuses of Tongji University independently. They are all facilitated with telephone sets, toilets, showers, air-conditioning, public kitchens, classrooms, and business services such as duplication, fax and e-mail sending, typing and air-ticket and train ticket booking are offered.



Room Type


Room Facilities




Building No.1

Siping Camp us

Double Room A


Air conditioner, electric kettle, telephone, TV, refrigerator

Double Room


Air conditioner, electric kettle, telephone

Standard Double Room


Air conditioner, electric kettle, telephone, TV

Suite for two students


Air conditioner, electric kettle, telephone, TV, refrigerator





Room Type


Room Facilities





        Building No.2

Siping Campus

Single Room


Air conditioner, electric kettle, telephone, TV, refrigerator

Double Room A


Air conditioner, electric kettle, telephone, TV, refrigerator

Double Room B


Air conditioner, electric kettle, telephone, TV, refrigerator

Suite for two students


Air conditioner, electric kettle, telephone, TV, refrigerator



Room Type


Room Facilities


     Building No.4

 Zhangwu Campus

Single Room


Air conditioner, electric kettle, telephone, fan

Double Room


Air conditioner, electric kettle, telephone, fan




Room Type


Room Facilities



       Building No.3

      Jiading Campus

Single Room


Air conditioner, electric kettle, fan

WG Big Single Room


Air conditioner, electric kettle, fan

WG Small Single Room


Air conditioner, electric kettle, fan

Double Room


Air conditioner, electric kettle, fan


Accommodation Fees:
Siping Campus:
International Student Buildings No.1
RMB 60-70/Rm/Day
International Student Buildings No.2
RMB 70-80/Rm/Day
Zhangwu Campus:
RMB 70-80/Rm/Day
Jiading Campus:
RMB 35-70Rm/Day

· Advance booking is required, so please book the room when you get the admission notice.

· The accommodation fee is for students who live in the student hostel for over 90 days;
· Students sharing rooms pay only half;
Contact: International Student Service Center, Tongji University 
Address: 1239 Siping Road, Shanghai, P. R. China.
Postcode: 200092

Telephone: 0086-21-65983001 (accommodation reservation of Siping campus)
0086-21-69585408(accommodation reservation of Jiading campus)
Facsimile: 0086-21-65983118



International Student Center Policy and Fees


Welcome to International Student Center, please read this carefully and comply with rules

一、留学生住宿指南Guidance for Living

1. 留学生入住时,须凭《同济大学入学通知书》到入住校区总台办理入住手续。住宿期间,若需中途退宿需前来总台办理相关手续。

When students check in, please bring your Admission Notice to the relevant campus and reception to proceed.During your stay(before your graduation),if you want to check out please come to reception to proceed relevant process.

2. 特别提醒:留意您的护照或居留证的有效签证日期,请在有效签证日期之前到上海市公安局外国人管理出入境管理处(浦东民生路1500号)办理相关手续。

Special remind: please go to the Division of Aliens & Exit-Entry Administrationof Shanghai Public Security Bureau (Pudong Min Sheng Rd No.1500) to renew your passport or your residence permit before the expiry.

3. 按照《家具、物品登记单》(附后)仔细阅读并认真核对房间内的家具与物品,在离校时,工作人员将以此为据清点家具物品。

Check all things in your room carefully from the list (Furniture). The staff will check all things in your room appeared on the list when you check out.

4. 1号楼101、103室为自助洗衣房(开放时间:8:00-22:00),2、4号楼每层厨房内设有洗衣机。洗衣卡在总台有售。

If you want to wash your laundry, please go to Rm.101 or Rm.103 of the International Students Building 1(Opening Hours:08:00--22:00). Building 2 and 4 also gotlaundry room on each floor. Laundry card will be sold at reception.

5. 在留学生宿舍楼内使用厨房设备需前来总台购电方可使用。

International Students Building has cooking equipments in kitchen, it can be used by purchasing the electricity from reception.

二、住宿登记程序Registration process





1. Present your admission notice to register.

2. Present passport and staff will help proceedthe Foreign registration form.

3. Sign furniture agreement and dorm agreement.

4.Self-supported student needs to pay one semester rent fees together,students live for less than one semester will still be counted as one semester and rent is not refundable.

三、住宿规定Policy and Rules

1. 自觉遵守各项中国法律、校纪校规和规章制度。

Follow all school rules,regulations and Chinese law.

2. 同济大学留学生宿舍仅限留学生本人居住。

The Tongji International students dormitory is only for Tongji registered students to live.

3. 留学生的住宿房间由留学生服务中心按照政策统一安排。

The students’ rooms will be allocated by International students center only through the policy.


All Scholarship Pre-student, Bachelor student, Master student and Visiting scholar student have to share the room with another. Doctor student and advanced visiting scholar student will be living in the single room.


Scholarship Bachelor and Pre-student are not allowed for Single room. Scholarship student including Master student and Visiting scholars can apply for single room only under some urgent situations.International students center will consider, however the compensation fees will be as following:

房间类型( kind of room)学生类型(type of students)

公费生单住房费补差 按元/间/月








预科生、本科生、硕、普进(Preppie、Undergraduate 、Master student and General Advanced Students )








In accordance with the relevant agreement, priority will be given to government scholarship students and some inter-school exchange students, while self-funded students may be accommodated if spare beds are available.

Self-supported students have to pay all the rent when you check in(For long term living students, it is required to pay no less than one semester rent).If you want to check out within the contract,the first semester rent paid is not refundable.Please apply for extending the Dormitory agreement (Next semester living) 30 days before the current rent expires, International student center will consider the possibility of extension according to the availability of room,once the application has been approved,students need to pay for next semester rent immediately. Students who do not contact us within the deadline dates,International students center will consider this as checking out when rent expires, the room will be reclaimed.

4. 学生应服从服务中心对宿舍布局调整和安排。不得利用宿舍从事违反法律和学校校规的活动。入住学生必须按指定的楼、室、床位入住,不得出借、转让、擅自变更宿舍和床位,不得留宿异性和外来人员。合住的同学学期中间不可变更房型,中途如有1人退宿,在住同学不得强占和变更房内结构,在无新同屋期间,自费生将承担整间房间费用,公费生不可以任何理由拒绝其他学生入住或私自与其他同学合并,如有违反,将取消居住资格,所付房费不予退还并报留办严肃处理。

Students should comply with the arrangement by International student center. Students should only live in the arranged room, building, any rent-out or change the bed is not allowed. Any friends coming from other places can not stay overnight. Two students live together can not change the type of the room during your semester. Students who live in our dormitory can not change the structure of the room. If your roommate leaves the room, the one who still lives in can not change the structure. Also, for self-supported student,if your roommate checks out,you will need to pay the whole room rent if there is no new roommate.Scholarship student is not allowed to use the other bed and refuse to let the new roommate entering who will be arranged by the international students service center,scholarship students should not arrange to share the room with other students by student themselves. Any students who break the rule will be cancelled the right of living, fees will not be returned and the problem will be reported to the International students office.

5. 保持宿舍内清洁,宿舍内的卫生由学生自行打扫。

Please keep the room clean, students are responsible for cleaning their room.

6. 留学生在住宿期间如有异议提出换房申请,可递交书面材料,中心将根据具体情况处理,如同意予以换房的,则在下一学期统一安排,中途不予处理。

Students apply for changing the room during their stay need to present the paper documents.However, if the application has been approved, the change of the room will still be reallocated when next semester begins, no any application will be processed in the current semester.

7. 学生退宿时,须结清学生宿舍的住宿费、家具赔偿等费用后方可办理离校手续。退房后,不要将私人物品滞留在宿舍内,否则将作为无主物品处理,退房时间以还钥匙或门卡为准,遗留物品将作废弃物品处理。

When you are checking out, all the fees including rent, furniture damages should be paid first. After checking out, all the belongings should not be kept in your room, otherwise they will be disposed of as waste. The time of checking out will be confirmed when the keys or room card returned.

8. 学生遗失钥匙或门卡,须及时带有效证件到留学生服务中心前台登记补办并承担相关费用。

Any loss of the room key or room card,please come to reception to apply for new ones and pay relevant fees.

9. 遇到特殊情况不能按时退房者,应及时与留学生服务中心联系并在审核同意后办理居住延长手续。到合同规定的居住截止日期未退房且未与总台取得联系者,其房内物品将作废弃物处理。

Any students who need to stay longer than planned please contact us first for extending,and after the application being approved,International student center will process.Students who do not check out or contact us when the agreement expires, all the belongings will be disposed of as waste.

10. 自觉遵守《访客制度》并主动配合安保人员做好工作。留学生有义务督促来访者进入留学生大楼时进行访客登记,离开时注销。(访客时间 8:00am-22:00pm)

Voluntarily comply with the Visiting Rules and cooperation is needed, visitors are required to register for entering and cancel for leaving.(Visiting time: 8:00 am -22:00 pm)

11. 厨房内安全使用电磁炉及微波炉,电磁炉及微波炉仅用于食物烧煮,严禁用于其他用途。严禁私自将厨房电器搬到房间里或其他地方。烧煮时须在场照看,防止食物溢出和食物烧干,损坏电器或引起火灾。严禁在房内、阳台以及任何安全通道上烹饪。如违反规定造成损坏或事故的,须负责赔偿并承担相关法律责任。

Take care of induction cooker and microwave when you are using the kitchen, and switch it off when finishing, it is required for students who will bear the legal responsibility for any damage. The cooking stuff is only used for cooking food, any other usage and moving it to the room or any place is strictly forbidden. Make sure you will be around when cooking food,it is forbidden to cook anything in the room, in the aisle or in the balcony,students are responsible for any accident incurred through misusing.

12. 增强安全意识,提高自我防范能力,离开房间时要关闭门窗、关闭水源、切断所有电源。电源插座周围避免堆积杂物、易燃物;贵重物品妥善保管,大额现金及时存入银行。

Do keep your belongings safe, please close the windows, lock the door and switch off the water, switch off all power when you leave the room.Do not leave any inflammable things around the power socket. Do not leave a lot of cash in your room.

13. 提高防火安全意识;严禁在宿舍楼内使用蜡烛等明火,严禁焚烧纸张、物品等;严禁故意损坏、擅自挪用消防器材,发现损坏及时报告工作人员;严禁在宿舍楼内存放易燃、易爆、有毒、有害物品由此造成事故的,须负责赔偿并承担相关法律责任。万一发生火情,要镇静应对,积极灭火,及时报告,必要时有序疏散(疏散路线图见房门后)。

Improve fire emergency safety awareness.Fire and flame, candle are forbidden to be used in the dormitory,burning any paper,any item and etc is also forbidden in the dormitory.Move and destroy any fire distinguisher is strictly forbidden, tell the staff immediately if destroyed. Students should not store any inflammable, explosive,poisonous and dangerous goods in your room, it is required for students who will bear the legal responsibility for any damage. In case of fire, please be calm and put out the fire as quickly as you can, inform the staff in time, evacuate orderly if necessary. (Please find the attached chart of the evacuation route behind your door.)

14. 节约水电,人走熄灯,关闭电器,杜绝长流水。用电实行定额补贴超额部分由学生自行购买。

Do not waste any power, water. Make sure you switch electricity off when you are not in the room. Fees should be paid when power usage exceeding compensated fixed amount.

15. 楼梯口、走道、阳台等公共区域均属于安全逃生通道,请保持整洁与畅通,禁止在以上公共区域堆放私人物品(包括个人衣物、鞋子、报刊纸箱、床上用品以及塑料瓶等易燃物品);不乱涂乱画,门上以及墙上不得张贴任何海报以及图画。为了他人安全,严禁高空抛物。

Always keep the public aisle,stairs and balcony clear as these are for evacuation only,it is not allowed to leave personal items including clothes,shoes, magazine,paper boxes,beddings,plastic bottle and other inflammable things in those public areas.No Scrawling on the wall, it is forbidden to post any poster or picture on the door or wall.For safety,it is forbidden to throw anything from higher level.

16. 携带大件物品进出留学生宿舍,必须在安保处登记完毕方可进出楼宇。

Anyone who carries large goods or luggage needs to register for entry & exit.

17. 宿舍内禁止饲养宠物。

No pet is allowed to be raised in the dormitory.

18. 自觉遵守学校管理制度,禁止在宿舍内存在饮酒、吸烟、赌博、吸毒等影响宿舍公共秩序或他人身心健康的活动,严禁在宿舍区内经商及推销。不得在宿舍内从事影响他人学习与休息的活动,在宿舍使用音响、电脑等应以不影响他人为前提。

Observe the regulations of school.It is forbidden to drink alcohol,smoke,gambling,taking drugs and other illegal activities in the dormitory, business and marketing in the dormitory are also strictly forbidden. Keep the dormitory quiet, if you need to use computer or Hi-Fi,make sure that you will keep the volume low and not disturbing other students.

19. 安全用电。

Please use the power/electricity properly.


Correctly use the bed lamp,kettle, computer and other low-power electronics.


Electric stove,electric heater,electric blanket,hair dryer, electric iron, rice cooker,microwave,oven,toaster,shoedryer,body warmers and other high-power electric equipments are strictly forbidden to use in the room,it is forbidden to connect power strip on another power strip, also do not leave the power strip,charger and any power on the bed or around the bed,it will be taken away and kept once we found, it will be returned when students check out.


It is prohibited to install and use washing machine in the room.


It is forbidden to randomly connect any wire,forbidden to change the power supply line.It is forbidden to recharge motors by pulling the wire or using power strip from the window,room,or dormitory.


It is forbidden to misuse the public power supply,once found, the users will be warned by the school authorities and the electronics will be confiscated.

(6) 如发生房间突然停电、停水,请立即将房间内电器设备插座拔出,确保水龙头处于关闭状态,并立即报告总台(人离开房间时一定要确保门窗处于关闭状态)。为保障所有学生的安全,在维修期间,严禁在房内以及宿舍公共区域内使用蜡烛等明火。

If blackout or no water supply happens,please directly plug out all electronics,make sure that you switch off the water tap, then go to reception to report(Make sure that you shut the windows and door if you need to go out).To ensure safety,during the repairing, it is prohibited to use candle,any fire,flame inside the dormitory.


No damage to the Room structures and furniture.


It is forbidden to disassemble, move or change the furniture in the room.


Do not give the key or room card to any others. Changing the lock, make the copy of the key and install a new lock are also strictly forbidden.


It is required to pay for any damage and loss of the room furniture.


The damage will be paid and shared by the students involved if it is difficult to identify the person who has made the damage.

21. 如因工作需要(例如,空调、管道、消防设施等的检查和维修)要进入留学生房间,服务中心会提前通过张贴通知等方式告知留学生,在通知规定的时间内,无论留学生是否在房间内,服务中心工作人员都将进入房间施工或检查。遇到紧急情况(例如,火灾、医疗急救、抢险、治安事件等),工作人员可在未通知同学的情况进入其房间。

Notice will be given to public in advance if check will be made in your room(such as air-condition, pipe, fire distinguisher and others) even you are not in the room work will be done after the notice given, and work will be done without any notice when emergency happens(such as fire, EMT, flood,public security affair and others).

22. 保持宿舍楼层通道的畅通,所有学生物品必须放在宿舍房间内,交通工具等应按指定停车点或车库停放,不得随意停放或带入宿舍楼。

Please leave the aisle and all public area clean,all students’ personal belongings should only be kept in the room.Students' vehicle (including motorcycle and motor-bike) all should be parked at the pointed place,they are not allowed to be taken into the dormitory.

23. 凡毕业、退学的学生,从相关部门发出离校通知之日起一周内,或在学校通知离校期内必须办理退宿手续并离开留学生楼,逾期遗留物品按无主物品处理。

Students need to check out their rooms within one week when they receive the notice from school of Graduating, Quitting or being cancelled for further studying, anything left in the room after these days will be considered as waste.

24. 如有违反住宿规定者,将视其违规情节轻重,给予警告处分。严重违规者,将被取消居住资格,所付房费不予退还并报留学生办公室严肃处理。

Those who violate the regulations above will be recorded a disciplinary warning or cancel the living right, fees will not be refunded and it will be reported to the international students office.

四、有关费用标准(如有新的资费标准按新标准执行)Standard fees(any new policy applies immediately)

1、房费Rent fee

(1)在留学生楼连续居住时间不足90天者按短期生的标准支付房费:标准是:1号楼标准间130、150元/天/间 ;1号楼套间180元/天/间 ; 2号楼标准间140元/天/间;2号楼套间200元/天/间;4号楼标准间120元/天/间;

The standard room fee for students who will be living for less than 90 days consecutively is :¥130 or 150/ day (one standard room in Building 1),¥180/day(Suite room in Building 1), ¥140/day (one standard room in Building 2) ,¥200/day(Suite room in Building 2)¥120/day (one standard room in Building 4).

(2)在留学生楼连续居住时间超过90(含90天)天者,按长期生标准支付房费,标准是:1号楼标准间60、70、90元/天/间;1号楼套间120、130元/天/间;2号楼标准间 70、80元/天/间;2号楼套间150、160元/天/间;4号楼标准间 70、80元/天/间; The standard room fee for students who will be living for more than 90 days consecutively(including 90 days) is ¥60 or ¥70 or ¥90/day(one standard room in Building 1 ), ¥120 or ¥130/day(Suite room in Building 1),¥70 or ¥80/day (one standard room in Building 2 ),¥150 or ¥160/day(Suite room in Building 2),¥70 or ¥80/day (one standard room in Building 4 ).


Those who are going to leave the dormitory and still want to keep the rooms during the summer or winter vacation, will be allowed to pay discounted room fee if they can abide by the following points.


At lease leave the room for more than 10 days consecutively(including 10 days)


Register in the reception, pay the rent before you leave,return the door key or door card.


Don’t lend the room to others .


If you can not come back the campus on schedule, please do let the reception desk know.Otherwise,The service center will take back the room.

2、电费 Electricity


Electricity uses the rule: Pay first use later. Free electricity consumption of 120 kwh will be provided for a self-supported student per month, while exceeding of this amount will be charged. Free electricity consumption of 200 kwh for a scholarship student per month, while exceeding of which will be charged.


The electricity fee is due on the 30th every month, while the free quota will be given to you within the first week of each month. Please check the low electricity notice everyday and make sure that you will top up new electricity for the room, in case of blackout.

五、留学生服务中心联系方式 Contact International Students Center


Email 地址 或者与总台直接联系。(总台电话, 本部校区:65983001,彰武校区:65980274)

Please find us at:

24-hour service is offered by the International Student Centre of Tongji

Email address : students can email us if you have any inquiries or call us: 65983001 main campus(Building 1 or 2) and 65980274 zhangwu campus(Building 4).

友情提醒(Some clues)


1. 请及时延长签证有效期,以免签证过期带来不必要的麻烦。

2. 入住4号楼的同学请及时办理一卡通,并时常保持卡内有一定的余额,以免房间突然停电时无法充电。

3. 请及时付清各项费用(包括住宿费,网络宽带费等)。

4. 请保管好自己的随身物品。(例如护照,现金等等)

5. 请遵守学校和中心的各项规章制度。

6. 谨防各类诈骗信息,切勿随意泄露重要个人信息。

Welcome to the International Student Center, Please make sure you follow the listed points during your stay in our dormitory:

1. Extend your visa in time to avoid any potential problems.

2. Get your student card immediately from school for recharging power if you live in Building 4, otherwise you might not be able to recharge electricity.

3. Pay the fees in time(Including rent,Internet)

4. Take care of your personal belongings(Passport,cash)

5. Abide by the rules in school

6. Be careful with the fraud information, never give your information to strangers.


International Student Center





©2017 Tongji University International Students Office