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Notice on the Office Hours During the Winter Vacation and Safety Reminder

The winter vacation for this year is scheduled from January 25th to February 26th according to the university calendar. International Students Office will open on the weekdays in the vacation, except for the seven-day Spring Festival (Feb.11th – 17th).

Office Hours:

8:30-11:30 AM & 13:30-17:00 PM

From Monday to Friday (Jan.25th-Feb.10th & Feb.18th-Feb.26th)


New COVID-19 cases have recently emerged in Chinese mainland. Virus prevention and control would be made difficult by the large-scale population movements and the increased social gatherings in the forthcoming Spring Festival. International Students office reminds you to heighten personal protection and follow the preventive measures.

For students on the Chinese mainland:

  1. The second round of survey on your planned destinations for the vacation is conducted through “Daily Health Report” on the WeChat mini program. Please fill in the questionnaire truthfully.

  2. Please take seriously the Daily Health Report and stay aware of your health conditions and the latest information on the pandemic.

  3. Please follow the preventive measures and rules of the University.

  4. If you would like to leave the campus or Shanghai for a visit of family or relatives, please inform your school/college counselors of your itinerary before you set off. Please heighten personal protection during travel and do not stay out late.

  5. After arriving at your hometown, please continue taking precautions to your protection and avoid unnecessary out-door activities. Avoid trips and visiting relatives or friends if possible, and restrain from traveling to crowded places and high- and medium-risk areas as well as the cities thereof.

  6. For your safety, you are not allowed for outbound visits or traveling to high- and medium-risk areas, especially pandemic-stricken areas, in China. Please restrain from traveling to prefecture-level cities and direct-administered municipalities with high- and medium-risk areas.

Please read carefully the notices issued by your schools/colleges, and pay attention to the pandemic situation as well as the updated notices of the University.

[IMPORTANT] Latest updates about the list of high- and medium-risk areas and the cities thereof.

The University keeps updating the list of high- and medium-risk areas and the cities thereof according to the current pandemic situation in China. For the latest list, please refer to the website:

If you need to leave the campus or Shanghai, you must do the following before you set off:

  1. Inform your school/college counselors about your emergency contact, destination and detailed routes.

  2. Fill in [Record of Leaving School for Winter Vacation] on the WeChat mini program [Tongji University Students Service Station].

  3. Register your departure with the dormitory manager.


For students outside the Chinese mainland:

  1. Avoid out-door activities and social gatherings as possible, and heighten personal protection against the coronavirus.

  2. Keep contact with your school/college counselors.




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