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Zoom Information for 2022 Tongji international students enrollment webinar


Dear all:


Hello and welcome to the Tongji University Online Information Session for International Student Enrollment 2022!

Zoom Information

Topic: “同济大学国际学生线上招生宣讲Tongji University Online Information Session for International Student Enrollment”

Time: Dec 4, 2021 15:00-16:30 (UTC+8 Beijing Time)

Meeting ID: 862 854 06545

Password: 472057

Meeting link:

宣讲安排 Information Session Schedule

15:00-15:35 留学生办公室介绍同济大学基本情况及国际学生申请流程、奖学金政策

15:00-15:35 Introduction of Tongji University, application process and scholarship policy for international students by International Students Office

15:35-16:05 专业学院分别在zoom讨论组介绍学院及专业课程等相关情况,学生根据自己的兴趣选择进入讨论组

15:35-16:05 Introduction of college overview and courses by specialized colleges in the Zoom discussion group, and joining of students in the discussion group according to their interests.

16:05-16:30 回到zoom主会场 进行Q&A 申请指导、问答环节

16:05-16:30 Application guidance and Q&As Back to Zoom main meeting room

此次宣讲会将于2021124日下午3点(北京时间)在zoom 会议平台举办。请各位同学注意以下几点事项:

The Session is going to be held at 3:00 p.m. (UTC+8, Beijing Time) on December 4, 2021 via Zoom. Please note the following points:


The Session is mainly about the enrollment of the undergraduate programs. If you are interested in applying for our postgraduate or PhD programs, please pay attention to the forthcoming notice issued by the International Students Office of Tongji University about the information session for postgraduate/PhD student enrollment.


The Session will be given in both Mandarin Chinese and English, with a PowerPoint presentation in Chinese and English as well.


3. After the introduction by the International Students Office of Tongji University, the School of Economics & Management, the International School, the College of Architecture and Urban Planning, the College of Design and Innovation, the International College of Football, the School of Medicine, and the College of Civil Engineering will introduce colleges and courses in the Zoom breakout rooms.


Please make sure that the Zoom app is installed on your devices before the Session.

5.如有任何问题欢迎咨询 或 电话咨询0086-21-65983611。以及扫描附件二维码加入我们的申请咨询微信群,我们都将尽快回复(请注意微信群二维码有效期为7天,如果二维码过期可通过邮箱或者在同济大学留学生办公室网站获取更新的群二维码)。

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at, or call at 0086-21-65983611. And you may join our WeChat group by scanning the QR code in the attachment (Please note that the QR code of the WeChat group is valid for 7 days. If the QR code expires, you can obtain the updated QR code of the group by email or at the website of International Students Office of Tongji University).



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