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2023 Tongji University International Student Ambassador Program


The program aims to encourage international students to seize the opportunity of returning to their home countries during the summer vacation. They are encouraged to visit their native schools (alma mater, high schools, or universities) and undertake overseas enrollment missions on behalf of Tongji University. In their role as ambassadors of Tongji University, they will also promote the institution by sharing their personal experiences as Tongji international students during the summer vacation.


  1. Introduce the fundamental information about China      and Shanghai.

  2. Promote Tongji University's achievements, share      its vibrant campus culture, highlight its rich 116-year history and strong      spirit. Attract students from around the world, enhance Tongji's      international influence, and encourage more international student      applications.

  3. Enhance communication, coordination, and social      skills among our current international students through this program.


  1. Must be an international student at Tongji      University.

  2. Demonstrated academic excellence and possess      strong organizational and presentation skills.

  3. Students who plan to return to home and their      alma mater during the summer vacation and are willing to dedicate their      vacation time to engage in recruitment and publicity work.


  1. 1.      Publicity activities can be conducted      individually or as a group (consisting of students from the same country).

  2. Utilize the summer vacation to revisit the alma      mater for the purpose of conducting publicity activities, capturing the      entire program through written documentation, photography, and video      recording.

  3. The activities must obtain approval from the alma      mater and should not disrupt the normal academic functioning of the      institution.

  4. Ensure personal safety remains a paramount      consideration throughout the duration of the activities.

How to apply:

Starting from now, you Submit the filled-out online application form to participate in the program. The application deadline is June 19, 2023.

Selection and Training:

Upon registration, the International Students Office will conduct an initial review of the students' publicity plans. The outcomes of the preliminary assessment will be communicated via telephone or email. International students who successfully pass the preliminary assessment will receive training and be provided with publicity materials (such as enrollment promotion videos, admission brochures, and contact cards) by the teachers from the International Students Office before returning to their home countries. Additionally, the teachers will offer guidance and advice to the students throughout the program.

Review and Rewards:

International students who conduct promotional activities in their home countries are required to document the process through photos and videos. They should also write a reflective summary of the activities and submit them to before September 20th. After the start of the fall semester, the International Students Office will organize a presentation of the outcomes where international students will report their achievements. Based on the promotional summaries and records, outstanding international students will be recognized and awarded for their exceptional performance.

 If you have any questions about the ambassador program, please contact Ms.

Tongji University International Students Office

June 8, 2023



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